Make Art for Mental Health

A detailed description of the practice

Boost students’ well-being through artistic, self expression activities.

This practice:

is easy and quick to implement
is cost-efficient to put in place
is effective in promoting health and wellness among students
is well received by most students
is well received by teachers and school staff
is helping build and maintain a healthy school culture
will be used for years to come
reaches most students and families within a school
reaches the students and families who need it most
does not require support or partnerships from outside the school
is sustainable over time given staff turnover, costs, training, etc.
is easily integrated into the curriculum (Program of Studies)

But this practice:

requires extensive planning
requires additional staff time
requires additional funding

Examples of specific activities

Virtual music days

Virtual feel-good art days

More from the stakeholders from the education and health sectors about this practice

We have done this (a hope campaign), and many families participated.
Students generally like this and it has some net positive impact on student wellness.