Best Practice Activities to Promote Wellness in Any Learning Environment

Beyond School WALLs is here to help K-12 teachers engage students in health and wellness during periods of learning in alternative environments.

About Beyond School WALLs


Recent world events prompted teaching and learning to shift to the home environment for an extended period. Lockdown measures drastically decreased students’ physical activity and worsened their mental health and eating habits.

But teachers in APPLE school communities (schools that work with the APPLE Schools organization to build a healthy community) were committed to keeping health and wellness a priority despite the new challenges of working within a virtual classroom. They implemented creative healthy initiatives and took note of what was working to engage students.


Researchers from the University of Alberta, School of Public Health collected examples of these successful initiatives to promote health and wellness, then asked teacher participants and education stakeholders in a research study to rank their effectiveness and ease of implementation.

Researchers then identified the most effective practices for promoting comprehensive school health in an alternative learning environment.

Beyond School WALLs shares these best practices to make health and wellness accessible for all K-12 teachers and students during periods of learning beyond the classroom.

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Featured Activities

Check out some of the featured activities, which are listed under each of the concepts, or “big ideas” below. If you would like to view all the activities, please click Show more.

Ask What Your School Community Needs

Collect feedback to gain insight into families’ perspectives on alternate learning, required school support, among other topics.

Organize Outdoor Social Activities

Plan a parade, drive-by or drive-thru to connect with students in-person (at a distance, if needed), and maintain connection to the school community.

Increase Access to Mental Health Resources

Boost awareness among families of available school and community-based mental health support.

Developed in collaboration with

The development of the Beyond School WALLs (Wellness in Alternative Learning Locations) toolkit was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).