Big Ideas

Don’t know which activities to start with? Explore the concepts, or, “big ideas” first to find the right activities for your classroom or school. 


Find an activity by filtering criteria based on your wellness goals and capacity, or view the comprehensive list of activities below the filter.

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Connect families to community mental health resources

Share links to live stream religious practices

Administer surveys to identify parent needs, and how the school can help

Family games

Share family activities that enhance mental health

Parades or drive-by’s

Share feel good messages with families

Conduct student wellness checks

Ask daily wellness questions to check in on your class

Share online mental health resources created by a mental health therapist or champion

Provide access to counselling sessions for those in need

Connect families with mental health workers

Post pictures of pets on social media

Assignments to write about things students were grateful for

Set up nature-based activities for families to enjoy

Host Virtual Talent Show

Involve students in Hats On! for Mental Health day activites

Celebrate virtual birthdays

Slip messages of hope into mailboxes

Share caring and humorous messages via school announcements

Send postcards to students – let them know they’re missed!

Virtual music days

Create positive messaging with students

Gratitude trees

Messages of hope on the sidewalk

Uplifting window art

Create and display positive messages in visible areas

Virtual feel-good art days

Host virtual meditations

Online clubs

Create a Mental Health Week or virtual spirit week video campaign

Sharing videos that promote mental health and teach coping strategies

Encourage brain breaks for students

Share mental health resources on social media

Promote campaigns supporting healthy sleeping habits

Share resources to enhance students’ sleep habits

Host baking tutorials

Host virtual taste testing

Host healthy eating challenges

Engage students in APPLE Schools’ healthy eating campaigns

Boost healthy eating with snack and recipe ideas

Promote healthy eating in school lessons, newsletters, social media

Share resources promoting healthy eating and nutrition information

Grocery store gift cards for families

Send food items in students’ home learning packages

Solicit support from local grocers or businesses

Build food hampers for families

Promote healthy screen time

Promote physical activity to take a break from screen time

Share resources to limit screen time

Engage students in APPLE Schools’ physical activity campaigns

Distribute equipment or resources to keep students moving

Music and movement lessons and activities

Share videos and pictures of active students on social media

Encourage students to move their bodies outside

Enjoy wellness challenges that enhance physical activity

Share resources to get students moving