Big Ideas

Ask What Your School Community Needs

Collect feedback to gain insight into families’ perspectives on alternate learning, required school support, among other topics.

Organize Outdoor Social Activities

Plan a parade, drive-by or drive-thru to connect with students in-person (at a distance, if needed), and maintain connection to the school community.

Increase Access to Mental Health Resources

Boost awareness among families of available school and community-based mental health support.

Connect Personally with Families

Connect with families to discuss how they are doing, share positive or encouraging messages, and inquire whether additional school support is required.

Connect Personally with Students

Connect with students one-on-one by sending personalized messages or giving a call to chat about their lives…

Celebrate Your School Community Online

Share celebratory posts or videos on school social media pages or other digital channels to promote wellness.

Make Art for Mental Health

Boost students’ well-being through artistic, self expression activities.

Organize Virtual Wellness Clubs

Organize virtual clubs and sessions that focus specifically on promoting mental health and wellness that students can regularly participate in.

Provide Tangible Food-Based Support

Support families who are struggling by providing tangible food-based support such as grocery gift cards.

Send School Equipment to Students’ Homes

Make it easy for students to engage in physical activity and wellness at home by distributing school equipment to their homes.

Host Health-Focused Virtual Events

Host live virtual events that promote healthy lifestyle behaviours and mental wellness.

Promote Outdoor Activities While Learning at Home

Encourage students to get outside in their free time by sharing messages through school social media pages, newsletters, or…

Infuse Health into Your Lesson Plans

Boost your impact on well-being by strengthening health promotion messaging in lessons/curriculum.

Boost Excitement With Wellness Challenges

Host wellness challenges and campaigns or share announcements that promote active living and wellness.

Promote Well-Being Through Digital Channels

Tap into your school social media pages, newsletters, or other communication channels to share existing resources that promote active, healthy living, and wellness.