Slip messages of hope into mailboxes

What’s involved

Motivating staff supports team building and encourages them to give their best efforts. In addition, thoughtful messages and notes of appreciation can contribute to fostering a healthy work environment. The appreciation for the note and the boost in that staff member’s mood and energy will be well worth the time and effort.

  • Use sticky notes, stationary, cards, or paper to write a message of praise, hope, and/or encouragement to a fellow staff member, and drop it off in their school mailbox (you can sign your name or leave it anonymous).
  • Send these messages throughout the year.

Who can deliver it

  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • School staff

Time commitment

  • 3 to 10 minutes

Resources required

  • Staff member
  • Stationary
  • Pen

Ideal learning environment

  • Long-term virtual learning
  • Short-term virtual learning
  • Hybrid classroom
  • Traditional classroom

Pictures and/or videos of this health promotion practice being delivered​


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