Send food items in students’ home learning packages

What’s involved

For schools that send home learning packages, adding healthy food items to the packages is a promising activity that supports healthy eating at home.

Food items can include fruits, vegetables, apple sauce, pre-packaged foods, frozen freezer meals, and whatever is easy to pack. Notifying parents and students that food items are in the learning packages is important to prevent waste if they aren’t put away immediately.

Who can deliver it

  • Administration
  • Support staff
  • Teachers

Time commitment

  • Varies based on how often you are sending home food packages (e.g., if you are doing it weekly, you are looking at 2 to 4 hours including purchasing, organization, and food delivery)

Ideal learning environment

  • Long-term virtual learning
  • Short-term virtual learning
  • Hybrid classroom

Pictures and/or videos of this health promotion practice being delivered​