Share family activities that enhance mental health

What’s involved

Gathering and sharing information with parents and students on how to support positive mental health habits while staying physically active is easy when you know where to look.

Please check our ready-to-use resources below to share with your school community through social media, emails to parents, or paper copies.

Who can deliver it

  • Teachers
  • Support staff
  • Senior administration
  • School counsellors

Time commitment

  • 5 to 30 minutes

Resources required

  • Somputer
  • Resources to share

Ideal learning environment

  • Long-term virtual learning
  • Short-term virtual learning
  • Summer break
  • Outdoor education
  • Hybrid classroom
  • Traditional classroom

Training opportunities

Be Fit For Life: Mindful Movement Course
Kimochis: Cuddly critters that help kids skilfully deal with their problems