Grocery store gift cards for families

What’s involved

Access to groceries is crucial to reduce stress among families experiencing financial strain, so providing grocery gift cards can help them immensely. Schools can look into using school funds, grant funding, or private donations to support families with food costs.

If you want to implement this activity in your school:

  • Decide on the eligibility criteria (i.e., who will receive funding);
  • Purchase gift cards (e.g., virtual gift cards, physical gift cards);
  • Distribute gift cards to selected families.

Who can deliver it

  • School administration
  • Teachers
  • Support staff

Time commitment

  • 2 to 5 hours

Resources required

  • Criteria for who will receive gift cards
  • Funding to purchase gift cards
  • Method for distribution

Ideal learning environment

  • Long-term virtual learning
  • Short-term virtual learning
  • Summer break
  • Hybrid classroom

Pictures and/or videos of this health promotion practice being delivered​