Build food hampers for families

What’s involved

Access to healthy foods for those who can not afford them is essential when students are learning virtually. To support families with food access, you will need funding to provide healthy food options, a way to purchase the foods, and organize, and distribute them to families.

Funding can come from different sources. Consider the following: local school authority, Alberta Nutrition Grant, food bank, band or settlement, private donation, grant programs, or local food banks and food recovery programs. Purchasing and organizing food hampers can be done in partnership with your school staff and community outreach partners such as church groups, charity organizations, or your local high school. Delivery of food hampers/ boxes can be done in partnership with school bus drivers, picked up by parents at the school, community access buses, or your local car dealerships.

Who can deliver it

  • Senior administration
  • School administration

Time commitment

  • 1 to 5 hours per week for total practice
  • Setting up this initiative may take up to 3 hours
  • Finding partnerships may be the most challenging part

Resources required

  • Manpower
  • Food
  • Funding
  • Partnerships

Ideal learning environment

  • Long-term virtual learning

Pictures and/or videos of this health promotion practice being delivered​