Encourage brain breaks for students

What’s involved

Brain breaks are important for students’ growth as they reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration. Brain breaks enhance productivity, self-regulation and attendance, which impacts overall academic performance. Sharing resources to support brain breaks is a promising practice to support student learning.

To complete this activity:

  • Find websites, videos, resources, and apps to share via social media channels or on the school website.
  • Investigate what you are sharing to ensure it is accurate, appropriate, and effective.
  • Share on social media.

Who can deliver it

  • Teachers
  • School staff
  • Principals
  • School districts
  • Student leaders

Time commitment

  • Short – it will only take you a few minutes to post.
  • Seeking websites/resources may take longer, try starting with our list of go to partners for health.

Resources required

  • Computer
  • Access to social media platform

Ideal learning environment

  • Long-term virtual learning
  • Short-term virtual learning
  • Summer break
  • Outdoor education
  • Hybrid classroom
  • Traditional classroom

Pictures and/or videos of this health promotion practice being delivered​